-----About us-----      

    Jiangsu Zhongtong Auto Interior Material Co., Ltd. specializes in production and sale of auto interior materials.As a large-scale
    enterprise, its products cover PVC floor cushion, door guard board leather, lateral interior leathers and seat leatheroid, ABS
    improved panel leather, ABS compound board and other plastic products.  With complete specifications and rich varieties, 

we can provide individual design for various 
customers. We are simultaneously engaged  
in supporting rework like molding, hot press
and compound etc. Our products possess in-
ternal market as leading, which has become
the base as a powerful supplier with products
of first-class quality in China at present.
    The new plant area of Jiangsu Zhongtong Auto Interior Material Co., Ltd. covers an area of 25,000 m². Following China auto 
 industry taking off, it advances forward steadily. Appearing as new enterprise, it will always wins your trust, favor and coop-
    eration with sincere service.