NO Picture of product Product series and introduction

1. PVC interior floor cushion leather series

  Maximum width of 2100mm, spread on   
  floors of vanes and trucks


  2. PVC interior leatheroid series

 Widely used in lateral leather, door 
 guard board, upright post, top, air  
 passage, luggage rack, seat of vanes 
 and trucks. Owing to various 
 requirements of customers, we provide 
 non-woven cloth, single needle cloth, 
 double needle cloth, polyester cloth, 
 nylon two-way elastic cloth and 
 water-pervasion ones. Standard width≥
 1370mm, non-standard width: 1600-


  3. PVC veneer leather series

 Widely used in lateral leather, door 
 guard board and top which need 
 compound, molding, hot press, 
 high-frequency hot conglutination.


  4. ABS improved leather series

 Used in various softened panel leather 
 and top leather. Thickness of 0.5-1.5mm 
 with width<1400mm.


5. ABS board series
Widely used in upright post, top, air  
 passage, luggage rack and top, which   
 can  be compounded with PVC soft 
 leather, ABS improved leather with 
 decorative pattern, which apply to hot 
 press and molding process. Thickness of 
 0.5-5mm with width≤1250mm. 

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